Encontros do Olhar


21 Oct—21:00 

Decolonise/Reactivate: Archives and Representation

Awa Konaté & Ben Krewinkel
Desirée Desmarattes (mod)

18 Nov—21:00

Photography and Social Activism

Anthony Luvera

24 Feb—21:00

The Female Body and Social Construction

Haley Morris-Cafiero

24 Mar—21:00

Photography in the Community

Jim Goldberg e Alessandra Sanguinetti

28 Apr—21:00

Photobook à La Portugaise

Archivo, Pierrot Le Fou & XYZ Books
Pablo Berástegui (mod)

26 May—21:00 

Commissioning Photography

Emma Bowkett & Josh Lustig

Open Call
Photo Quiz

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Instituto Português de Fotografia


Photo Quiz

A very blue eagle. Along California highway, Nov. 1936. Dorothea Lange — Library of Congress

Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Jim Goldberg, Koudelka, Martin Parr, Nan Goldin, James Barnor?

The IPF invites the whole community to participate with their photography knowledge. In order to participate, it is advisable prior booking, which can be done online.

The aim of the game is to encourage debate around the photographic practice, its authors and its varied themes, using the Photo Quiz as a pretext to bring together an active artistic community. For each session there are prizes involved, sign up, bring a friend or play it online.

The Photo Quiz takes place at IPF and online after the talks, and is composed of questions around various photographic practices. Participants' answers are noted down in a grid and the score is calculated at the end, the winner is the one with the highest score. In the event of a technical tie, a five-question tie-breaker will be initiated until the winner is found.

When booking for each talk you can tick the option to participate in the Photo Quiz.


  1. Participants must register online.

  2. Registrations will only be validated until 1 hour before the start of each talk.

  3. It is possible to participate online through Zoom and in person.

  4. The Photo Quiz has a maximum of 30 participants and a minimum of 5.

  5. The participant with the most correct answers or who has accumulated the most points will be the winner.

  6. The questions are always read out by the moderator.

  7. In person, the answers are written down by each participant on a grid given by us, please bring your own pen.

  8. Online, the questions are presented through Zoom.

  9. The answer time is 20 seconds, controlled by the moderator.

  10. For each question there is only one correct answer.

  11. If you submit more than one answer or if the answer is too vague, it will not be validated as correct.

  12. The questions can be composed of text and/or images.

  13. Questions can be composed of multiple options.

  14. The Photo Quiz is composed of 25 questions of varying difficulty.

  15. The score is calculated at the end of the quiz.

  16. At the end of the 25 questions, in the event of a technical tie, an extra round of 5 questions will be held until a winner is found.

  17. The questions have as their theme photography and the artistic work of various national and international practioners.

  18. The use of any consultation material or electronic devices is not allowed.

  19. It is not allowed to change participants during the event.

  20. No participants are allowed to leave or return during each round.

  21. Participants may be disqualified if their behaviour is against the rules.

  22. The moderator's decision is final.

  23. The winning participant receives a symbolic prize: in the form of a photography book or a discount voucher to attend a course or workshop at IPF.